Article in the Hunts Point Express

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check out my article, A show hits the road to explore a changing Hunts Point in the Hunts Point Express, a community newspaper covering the Hunts Point and Longwood neighborhoods of the South Bronx.


Sass Squat

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Sass Squat is a short portrait of a squatted three-story row house in West Philadelphia. Five years ago, the house was damaged from a fire next door that  took a life. The house became vacant after the landlord failed to repair the damages from the fire. Soon after, a group of friends began living in the house and making their own repairs. The burned house next door still stands in ruins.

Spaces have different lives and layers. When a space is reconstructed, new layers are added, but remnants of what once was there still remain under the surface. This piece examines the significance of these different layers and of reclaiming underutilized space during tough economic times through an exploration of a unique living space and the people who call it home.

I Guess I’m Never Going to get to Vegas

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I Guess I’m Never Going to get to Vegas is a short portrait of Florence Sterling, who passed away from lung cancer two years ago, told through the stories and memories of her lover of over 40 years, Aileen. This piece explores illness, love, and loss through the relationship between two elderly Jewish lesbians who came out before the emergence of a visible gay rights movement.

This is a piece of a larger documentary piece.

music by The Metropolitan Klezmer Band

Special thanks to Angela Lasalle and Kimber Heinz

Metropolitan Klezmer: “Guys & Dolls & Bagels” at Drom NYC

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Camera work I did for the Metropoitan Klezmer. April 2009

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Fountain House Montage

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short introductory video produced for the Fountain House website. No audio.

Summer 2009.

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Metropolitan Klezmer- some camera work

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Clubhouse and Psychiatry- an excerpt

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excerpts from a video I created with the members of Fountain House, a psychosocial clubhouse for adults with serious and persistent mental illness, about their experiences with the clubhouse model to be distributed to clinical professionals.

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