STARLITE, documentary film about legendary Black-owned LGBTQ bar seeks your support

For nearly 2 years, I have been making a very special film titled STARLITE: the Making and Taking of Brooklyn’s Oldest Black-owned Non-discriminating Bar.

In 1959, a decade prior to Manhattan’s Stonewall riots, across the bridge in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the Starlite Lounge was founded as a non-discriminating establishment for gay people of color. A half century later it was a shock to the neighborhood and the gay community when the Starlite, now the oldest, Black-owned gay bar in the country was given notice to vacate and was ultimately forced to close its doors. STARLITE follows the eviction of this legendary community institution, while also tracing back its rich history over 5 decades. STARLITE poses questions about the importance of safe space in marginalized communities and asks, what is a landmark? Why do some get preserved, while others are erased?

Please visit our Kickstarter Fundraising campaign and make a donation. By backing this project you are helping to complete this film, but you are also supporting the future of queer and independent cinema, the preservation of LGBT history and African American History, and the legacy of the Starlite Lounge!


~ by sashawortzel on October 11, 2011.

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